Our Managed Service Profile encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to elevate your operations across various sectors. From delivery and asset management to resource optimization and process enhancement, we’re your strategic partner in unlocking efficiency and excellence.


What are Managed Services ?

A Managed Service (MS) involves the provision of services by a specialist provider who has contractual responsibility for the end-to-end delivery of that service. Managed Services contracts are tailored to meet specific and long-term service needs, and contracts typically range from five to fifteen years to reflect the set up and ongoing delivery of what are often complex services.


Managed Service

Features of Managed Services

Clinical Managed Services


ProMedex surgery Managed Services offer a single source for all equipment, kit, and consumables from multiple vendors.


Experience the freedom of choice and flexibility with ProMedex’s Imaging Managed Services.


We believe hospitals should have complete choice of suppliers and be able to access the best-in-class solutions you need to evolve your cardiology strategy.


ProMedex Endoscopy Managed Services equip your teams with the necessary tools and support for efficient clinical functions, alleviating any administrative concerns.


Discover bespoke laboratory solutions and vendor-agnostic Managed Services that fully support all disciplines of Pathology within the NHS – today and tomorrow.

Point of Care

Every care setting is unique, and at ProMedex, our Point of Care Managed Services are customized to meet the specific needs of your patients, clinicians, and environments.

Procurement Solutions

Discover the market’s broadest and most comprehensive range of services from a single provider – ProMedex.

Information Management

Experience the difference in your bottom line with ProMedex’s vendor-agnostic IT Managed Services.


Amid growing patient demand, ProMedex Renal Managed Service is your key to confidently scaling up cover hemodialysis and renal replacement therapies.

Energy Solutions

ProMedex is proud to introduce its cutting-edge Energy Solutions, designed to optimize energy consumption and drive sustainability in the healthcare sector.